Why is this a re-occurrence of the other guy I liked?

I am not trying to act like a victim here, I just wanna know what you guys think. I went out with this boy, we met online. And he set up a date to meet me, we met and it was a good date I could tell he was nervous and all that jazz. Paid for my dinner, held the door open, and smiled a lot while with me. I don't know what went wrong, then he sent a text saying "I don't think it's gonna workout, I enjoyed it. I'm sorry" Now that alone made me think he was breaking it off. But he said he meant to say he had stuff to do so we scheduled another date for the 23. So Monday, we were texting and he just stopped talking to me. And his snap points keep going up (not that it matters) but did he blow me off? I am so confused, cause this isn't the first time a boy has done this to me. He even said he really liked me, and that he wanted to make me his girlfriend. Can someone explain this to me? I am a true believer in actions speak louder than words. But I don't know, I have moved on myself but Its bothering me. Like I said, this thing has happen to me before... Did I do something wrong? Or am I just picking out wrong guys?
Why is this a re-occurrence of the other guy I liked?
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