Why would my ex’s best friend want to meet me?

My ex said he wanted to invite me to a holiday party at his best friend’s house. He says that his friend wants to meet me. Why would he be interested in meeting me if I’m not his girlfriend anymore?
PS. His best friend is married.


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  • Avoid it, seems a sketchy and shady ordeal.
    Not worth the risk

    • Nothing sketchy. Trust me. I’m just wondering why this guy is so interested in meeting a woman his friend just broke up with. Could my ex be telling him stuff about me?

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    • He’s attending this party at his friend’s home and his whole family will be there. Doesn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary to me.

    • You know better, I'm just bouncing off possibilities.

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  • Why didn"t ask him plainly? You just had to said: tell me the truth and don"'t lie, because I know you are lying about your married friend wanting to meet me! Is it you who want to see me?
    Be always honest and said what it is in your mind!


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