What kind of behavior is this?

I consider myself to be a very giving person when it comes to especially people I care for.

Im very giving with my best friend/ lover.

I know she has had issues in the past that family members will help her and then throw in her face the help they did for her. Past relationships, friendships been the same.

1. I'm not like that
2. I know how she's been treated before so I'm very cautious with her.

But every time we get into like a big fight, she always says compulsively that she will return to me everything I've given her.

For example;

We got into a fight earlier today cuz I bought her and her mom a plane ticket to New York City. And because they went detouring more than they should off - they were so close to missing the flight. I got a little mad cuz knowing how far from the airport they are- they shouldn't have gone detouring like that. And I told her that.

She started saying. I'll return your fucking money, etc... out of the blue.

Why is she like this? Have you guys experienced this before with a girlfriend?

What kind of behavior is this?
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