He wants to be friends?

Hey everyone!

So i have a really weird situation going on and was wondering what you guys say to that.

I have a friend who always flirted with me for fun. I kind of liked him and went with it.
I have a few male friends and one of them had a hard time and i was pretty worried about him and of course talked to this guy about him (of course without telling him every detail about my friend.)

Well basically a month ago he visited me a few days and we kissed and made out a bit. We didn't have sex though.
Now suddenly he is dating this other girl in his Uni who goes to his class. He told me he started dating her after he visited me and is together with her for only a week now.

He said he thought we were going good but he was tired of hearing about my male friend.
But he also said i´m important to him and he wants to continue our friendship and doesn't want to loose it.

I feel kind of awkward now knowing he got a girl right after he visited me. Did i really do something wrong? Should i even be friends with him still?

I´m thankful for every opinion!


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  • You should always be his friend! It sounds like he was hoping to get with you but heard you talking... And decided you weren't interested.

    Maybe later though, but even if not, he sounds like someone you want as a friend.

  • Maybe he love you, he just want your reaction


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