What does it mean when you are scared to fall for someone?

It's not like they are a bad person, we've had problems but we always comes back from them. He makes you happy (when you get along!) and you wouldn't really have it any other way. You argue, and the arguments can be really bad, but after a few weeks of distance everything changes and it just seems impossible to not have them in your life. Yet you're so scared to fall for this person but your feelings just don't go away, no matter how bad the arguments or how long you haven't spoke for. What does this mean and what should you do?


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  • If you're in love with someone, then your arguments should never be so bad that you need a few weeks of distance. Arguing that much is not healthy for any sort of relationship. I can't really tell you what to do about your feelings, you have to sort that stuff out by yourself.

    • I do it more to prove a point, we don't necessarily need it - he just doesn't like to admit that he's wrong sometimes or just doesn't see that he is, which I accept as it as because I know he has problems and I understand that.

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  • It's just the most natural feeling present on all human beings and some animals too. The feeling of suspicion, fear and to protect yourself from any harm.

    But don't worry about this, you'll manage to decide what truly makes you happy and how should it be present in your life without in no time, you just have to feel comfortable and self confident.

    Sorry for the weird English, I'm brazilian.

  • I'm scared just to normally get close to people, for fear of them leaving me.

  • It means you're a perfectly normal human being.


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