Can someone help me feel better after my terrible date?

I met a guy through a mutual friend. We texted for few days and then he asked me out. I was so happy because I liked him a lot. Well, things went terribly wrong when he invited his "friend" to join us too (without letting me know before hand). I was waiting for him at scheduled place, and when he came he asked me if it's okay for his friend to join us. I was kind of shocked but since I already came (and I'm a nice person) I told him it's okay. I figured I had a wrong idea that this was a date. His "friend" arrived 20 mins later, and I knew from just looking at him that he is gay. Hanging out with them wasn't that bad, until I realized that my guy probably also gay. The two of them apparently met few days ago at some party and the gay guy invited my guy for a coffee, and my guy figured that going out with both of us at the same time is a great idea. The gay guy was totally over my guy, it was so obvious that he likes him and he flirted hard with him. My guy was a little bit more chill but he flirted back. The more I watched the two of them the more I realized how my guy is so gay, or maybe bi I don't know. Whatever it is, it felt so wrong. I felt like shit. I felt like a third wheel. I want to get this evening out of my head like it never happened! Wtf is wrong with people these days? How could he possibly think that inviting both of us is a good idea? The gay guy didn't say that he is gay but I know he is, I can feel it, I've been around gays for too long, I know how it works. My brother is gay and I have absolutely nothing against it. But what this guy did was just... argh God (gay or not, it's wrong! he knew that I like him!).
Can someone help me feel better after my terrible date?
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