Accidentally agreed to a date. What should I do?

So a friend of mine who is a really great girl has sent me a message and asked me if I would like going out with her sometime. I wasn't really paying attention to reading her text so I sort of automatically said "sure why not". While she didn't mention it being a date, I have many reasons to believe it is (she has been acting differently lately, flirting, hugging me extremely long and tight hugs etc), and have suspected for a while now that she might try to make a move.
At this point saying "No" would be rude and really not nice, and I really don't want her to get hurt. I also want to avoid asking if she actually meant a date, because this would create an awkward situation. I really like her as a friend and enjoy having conversions with her, and we have a lot in common, but I am just not attracted to her. I am considering of trying to give this a chance but an really unsure about it. What should I do?
Accidentally agreed to a date. What should I do?
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