So I've been hooking up with this guy for a few weeks?

Now he asked me out on a date. Would he ask me out just because that's what I want and he wants to continue hooking up? Or would he actually have to like me to ask me out?


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  • I'm guessing he's into you. If I had already slept with a girl and hadnnt ever been out with her (hard concept for me to wrap my head around), I wouldn't ask her out unless I was interested in her.


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  • Him asking you out on a date doesn't determine whether he likes you genuinely or not.You have to take other things into consideration,such as if y'all hang out together,does he text you or call you randomly(not to hook up) does he seem interested in your life,are y'all at least friends etc.

    He could be taking you on a "date" to simply warm you up

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