Is being supportive a turn off for girls?

I’ve been talking to this girl I like and recently have discovered she’s been dealing with some personal issues. I tried my best to let her know that she can always talk to me (as I’ve experienced a lot of the stuff she’s going through now before) and she seemed really thankful. I’ve heard a ton about ‘nice guys’ and honestly I’m not entirely sure what it means, but I think this girl legitimately needs help and I’m more than willing to hold out on a relationship if that means she’s able to talk to me and get at least a little bit of the help she needs.

Basically, I’m wondering if me being a shoulder for her to cry on will hinder any chances of a relationship. Even if it WILL make her see me as more of a friend and less of a potential partner, I’m more than willing to do that because I genuinely believe that she just needs someone to talk to.

Also, sorry if it seems like I repeat myself a couple times, I just want to explain the situation a few different ways so it’s easier to understand


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  • No, girls love supportive guys; that being said, you should be careful about overstepping boundaries. If she doesn't want to share something with you, don't hound her about it. Be understanding and let up until she is ready to tell you more, if ever. Be there for her without tormenting her and you'll definitely win some points.

  • Please continue to do this it's so sweet! Girls need guys like you. A guy I know did this for me and now we're dating 😊


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