Do girls look for standard male partners as regards characters?

I think that often those men who are more original, independent, offbeat, are seen as mads or freaks by ladies, tjerefpre avoided. Tell me if I'm wrong! If I'm right... It means female fear (namely need for safeness and stability) is bigger than their imagination or curiosity to get into an original path, say. That would be sad in my opinion...


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  • Depends!
    I personally like offbeat and original guys. But if he is clingy or says some really weird shit then yes I will avoid him.
    If not, it may sound stupid but I like the challenge of getting to know someone who is unusual/different. It keeps things interesting!

    • The problem is how much weird the "really weird shit" should be to be considered as such. Practical example: not strictly with girls, I myself could guess new people I meet are often upset by chattimg with me and think I'm mad, probably. Real thing: mad? Not at all, since I'm one of the most logical people I know. Original? Yes, 10.000%. Weird? I think so, due to astounding originality. But I'm perfectly fine and my friends know it.

      But since I hate wearing masks, I don't understand how to behave for who I am, with my sense of humor and so on, without scaring the major part...

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    • And I think the sad truth is you have to learn to wear a mask. Not a full blown mask but a little tiny one.
      You have to hold back just a little bit when first approaching people or getting to know one another. And when you both know the basics about eachother that's when you can bring on the crazy!

    • Thanks for your comments. I find them to be wise. My feeling nonetheless is that many ones just aim at fleeing away as soon as they feel any kind of un-ordinary person in front of them, and that's even legitimate, but a sign that their mind is quite closed.

      What about, then, when all take place online (via email, say)? There "picking up the signs" is tougher!

      Finally: I surely agree on the second case: I myself am annoyed when weird people overrun me with their things seeming incapable of noticing they've passed the line (and I'm provided with good amount of patience though!)

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