What is trying to tell me? Does he want more?

I have been hanging around with this one guy I met last year for past year. I saw him a few weeks ago and we hung out and chatted about random stuff. He told me that he was still looking for jobs after his job had laid him off in January. He told me he had an interview with a job that could possibly have him locate. He surprised me when he asked where would I want to move to. I told any state is fine as long as I am able to find a job in my field.
Tonight he texted me to see how I was doing. He told me that he would moving to Florida soon for a new job. He then asked me if I had been there and what places I liked there.

The thing is that we are not even dating but some of these conversations make me question does he want more?


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  • Be careful that you aren't being taken advantage of as a monetary relief or backup plan.


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