Need relationship advise?

I and this girl used to hang out. We weren't official but we kinda did all things that a couple would do apart from have sex.

She is of a different religion and since I had this thought of a bad ending i never proposed her and there were instances where she gave me hints that she likes me. But I did not follow it as I knew that would not end well.

We moved apart like two years ago and I don't know/remember what happened actually. But all I have is a feeling of a strong tension between us. I really wanna talk to her and kiss her again, but she has blocked me everywhere and doesn't respond to my Calls. I wanna get back with her, I wanna know if I am not too late.

What should I do? Should I just move on or should I keep trying? Need relationship advise.?


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  • Getting in contact with her if you’re blocked on everything and she’s not responding to your calls is basically impossible. She may have moved on and is in another relationship. She may no longer be interested in getting back in contact with you. Since you’ve already attempted to reach out (calling) unless you have a mutual friend of hers or feel comfortable reaching out to one of her friends so she’ll talk to her for you... just let it go. That’s the only thing you can do

  • She’s made it pretty clear she wants nothing to do with you if she’s blocked you, I would respect theboundary she has put up


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