If I'm pretty, why can't I get a bf?

Not everyone but many people tell me that I'm very cute and pretty. Some others say I'm very beautiful. However, only 3 guys from my school are obsessed with me. All 3 of them are unattractive. Only 2 guys who think I'm attractive talk to me. Both guys aren't my type either. They both don't even try to flirt with me or pursue me. No good looking guys give me any attention. Nobody hits on me in public. Rarely at some point, some guy will check me out but nobody really cares about me.

When I show I like a guy (who I don't personally know), he doesn't even seem interested in me. He just shows that he's open to talking and that's about it.
I'm not a terrible nasty person either. In fact, I'm the opposite.

I only got asked for a number twice in my entire life.
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I'm not bragging about any of this stuff. I DO get told I'm very pretty and cute. If you're just jealous, don't bother answering.
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If talking about the reality of what my current dating situation is like is a crime for being narcissistic, bitchy and arrogant, then HOW could I get the truth out there? Am I supposed to lie that no guys like me at all? Or am I supposed to preach that I'm ugly while there are people calling be pretty?
If I'm pretty, why can't I get a bf?
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