Would it be weird if I approached him?

I’ve been shy my whole life and have never approached anyone I was ever attracted to. I’ve also never had a boyfriend and I’m 22! Most likely due to the fact I used to be overweight so I understand that not many people would find me attractive. It seems now that I’ve lost the weight I still have low self esteem issues that I kinda thought would just magically go away, and on top of that it’s always been hard for me to open up to people. Anyways, I’ve always thought one of my coworkers was cute and I was always too nervous to even say hi and introduce myself. Recently I was in a car accident and nearly died so when I went to work that same day I finally grew a pair and introduced myself (I know it’s not the biggest step, but it’s a start). He happened to be walking by and he was carrying some stuff. I smiled and said hi and then he smiled and said hi, then he dropped all the things he was holding and I helped him pick up his stuff while I introduced myself and then we talked for about five minutes before he had to clock out. He seemed kinda shy but it was probably just all in my head. Anyways, now that I’ve made my existence known I kinda wanna ask him out? Would that be too forward? I don’t want to come off as weird. I don’t even know if he has a girlfriend so I definitely don’t want to approach him if he isn’t single. How can I find out he’s single in a subtle way? Also, I kinda feel like if he hasn’t approached me in the past he probably just isn’t into me?
Would it be weird if I approached him?
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