So a guy with a girlfriend kissed me what should I do?

i was at this guys house and we were watching a horror movie and after that i was kinda sleepy so i was dossing off so he was like you can sleep and i will finish the movie and then sleep he said , i am not the person who can sleep easily at someone else's place so i kept my eyes shut in the struggle of sleep he had only one mattress so we were sharing it after he finishes the movie he joins me and he placed his face very close to mine and then he started cuddling me i could not say anything because he thought i was sleeping and then he kissed my cheek and went to kiss my lips, i was in a shock plus i could not do any thing after i wile i woke up to go to the loo and he was also awake i came back i was again struggling to sleep and his face was so close to mine then suddenly out of nowhere he kissed me and i dont know why i kissed him back, we made out for a long time and then he asked me not to tell about this to anyone , the next day when i texted him about this he was like it was a one time thing


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  • Maybe he just want to satisfi his need at that time... because you were close to him... if it was his girlfriend then definitely he might have sex with her...

  • So, it WAS a one time thing.
    You should move on, hon.

  • not tell anyone 🙊


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