How to do a successful first date

Ok, I have a whole bunch of questions in need of answering:

1. How do you ask a girl out?

2. Where to go on a date?

3. What to wear?

4. What to talk about?

Sorry if these questions sound rather lame, but I'm quite inexperienced in the field of dating.


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  • 1. Just grab her aside and ask her. =) Be sincere about it and SET A DAY -- no girl want's to be told, "Let's go out Friday. Maybe. You know, if I'm not busy. I'll call you and let you know Thursday."

    2. Do something you both enjoy --- but not a movie, unless you're going to tack dinner on at the end. People don't really talk during movies, so even though that takes some of the pressure off, you don't really get to know your date.

    3. Look nice, but not formal -- not even semi-formal. Just look cleaned up.

    4. Talk about her! Be interested, listen to what she says, and respond appropriately! If you need an ice breaker, talk about that movie you two just saw, or how school/work's going for her. And find something you genuinely like about her and give her a compliment. It shows you're paying attention to all the detail she probably put into getting her outfit together.

    Bottom line: Don't fake it -- be sincere and genuine in everything you do. Not only is this a good basis for a first date, but it's the best foundation I can think of for any future relationship that might form.


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  • 1. How do you ask a girl out? Just be confident and suggest something that you both enjoy (dinner and a movie, bowling, an art museum, etc.).

    2.Where to go on a date? Like I said before, make it somewhere that you both enjoy. Whether it's hiking, bowling, museums, art shows, something that you both like.

    3. What to wear? Something suitable for the date. If you're bowling, nice jeans and a t-shirt, hiking where shorts and t-shirt. But if it's a more dressy date like dinner and a movie or a museum, opt for something nicer, like dress pants and button down shirt.

    4. What to talk about? Something suitable for the occasion. If you're both outdoorsy, discuss something that you've both done a lot of (hiking, camping, quadding, etc.). If you're doing dinner and a movie, maybe talk about some of the latest movies to come, which you want to see, which you don't want to see.

    I hope this helps!

  • Haha don't worry, we've all been there.

    Well, first off if you see her often (like work or at class or something) and you guys talk frequently (or even if you don't) just try to start up a conversation and just kind of lead into it, "Hey so are you free next weekend?" or something. shoot for a time a little further ahead so she has that time reserved for you.

    As far ask where to go on your date goes, maybe talk to her ahead of time about a place she wants to go if you really can't think of anything. For a first date maybe you want to go to dinner. Or my first date, he took me out for pie and then we saw a later movie. Whatever works for you, and its usually easier to keep it a little more casual for the first date.

    Since you're keeping it a little more casual as far as where you're going, wear something that's comfortable but looks nice. Maybe a polo or a button up or something, with like, khaki shorts since its summer.

    And for what to talk about? Maybe think a head a little bit.think of questions about her so you get to know her a little better.

    Hope it helps:)

  • I !) f you know her. then its best for you to decide how to ask her. I've always just been hit with a text or email asking me out. and some casual ones where its actually face to face. just which ever way is comfortable for you. I like the face to face though ;)

    2!) lets see. putt putt, movies, dinner, theme park, pool, maybe a group date. just hanging out at a house, swimming,. hiking, 4wheeling. anything really, as long as you know she's into it.

    3.) dress for the occasion.

    4.) ask questions, but not to many, look into her eyes on sometimes, not constantly so you don't creep her out, but also let her know your listening. also talk about your self, and if she asks a question, answer it. try not to hesitate. . that always made me feel like a guy was lying.

    keep the convo clean.

  • well you wanna ask a girl out in person don't do it over the phone unless you are a shy one. take her to the movies or something you know exec.where something casual.and talk about things that you guys are both interested in. hey can you please return a favor thanks!=)


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  • First off. There are no lame questions here, except the random "Who's better? Miley or Selena?" Questions that show up here (It doesn't matter, that's like asking if you would rather be hit in the face with a pipe or a two by four, its all bad).

    I have found that "asking" a girl out is very ineffective. By that I mean going up to a girl and saying "Would you like to go get lunch with me sometime?" or anything of that nature. What I do that works for me is I ask if a girl is free on a certain day. When she says yes then I say "Lets go get lunch that day" or whatever I would like to do. If she says no then you ask her when she is free and set up something on that day if its convenient for you. It may seem like your forcing her to go but if she really doesn't want to do anything with you, she will let you know.

    Go wherever you want. The only date I would not reccomend on the first date is the movie date. Your trying to connect and learn about the other person, and the movie date has an obvious distraction. anywhere that you feel comfortable taking a girl is free game.

    Wear whatever you feel comfortable with wearing. What I wear is not particularly "in style", but its "My style", it displays who I am. So wear things that you like and display who you are. It will make you feel comfortable and cool, and if you feel it, she'll feel it too.

    Talk about anything that interests you. and talk about it like you are interested in it. Its all about presentation, like how everyone voted for the Patriot Act; it is a severe restriciton of everyone's freedoms, but it was presented as the bill that all patriots should vote on. You can talk about threading a needle and as long as you present it as an interesting topic, it will be an interesting topic.

    • It may seem like you are forcing her to go, but girls like that.

  • asking a girl out is pretty easy. Just do 2 yourself and smile. and be confident, but not cocky. this is important. women like confidence, but no one wants to date an except or asshole chicks maybe, but that's for another day, #2. what to wear depends on where your going. For me, I keep it simple. I'm not a suit and tie person, I have issues with that but if your going somewhere classy, the chances are she's going to get all polished up and you will have to as well. I just tell the girls I go out with, hey the place we are going to is not so fancy that way we can keep it cool and casual because I spill stuff on myself sometimes because I'm a little clumsy. It's true and for some reason a lot of girls have found that to be cute. I hate being a clumsy fool, but it is what it is. so plan ahead to where your going to go, and the clothing deal should work out fine. DO NOT EVER SHOW UP LOOKING LIKE A HOMELESS PERSON WHO WASHES CAR WINDOWS! IF YOU DRESS LIKE THAT EVERYDAY, THEN TAKE YOUR ASS TO THE STORE AND AT LEAST BUY 1 NEW SET OF CLOTHES AND TAKE A DAMN SHOWER, AND CLIP YOUR FINGERS AND TOENAILS AND BRUSH YOUR TEETH! Sorry, but too often I see some crazy dudes looking wearing some raggidy shit looking all stank and busted getting no girls.don't be those guys!

    #4. is tricky. What I do, is I ask what are called open ended questions. It's a fact of life, most women love to talk. sometimes you just want them to shut-up for 5 minutes, and they still want to talk., even if your wearing some headphones, they will find a way to try to talk to you. So this makes it easy for us as men. We just have to learn how to let them talk, and be what is called an active listener. I'll be really honest. I have sat and pretended that I was listening to her tell me about her grandmother's quilt, and I could care less! but it's important to her, so let her do it. Anyone who disagrees with this is unrealistic. It's just true. women love to talk, it's just part of life. So on your first date, you really need to pay attention. Ask her open ended questions. Think of it as a little job interview. Ask her about music, movies, art, books, politics, religion, that kind of stuff. ask her her views and opinions and why she has them. ask her about some of her favorite actvivites. Now here's the hard part. you have to talk about yourself. unless your a total asshole who's in love with himself then this is hard. I'm simple. I like to eat, sleep, and work. I'm a man it's what I do. but you can't just say it like that. you have to explain a little. tell her about your job, tell her about that one guy who is a f***ing retard at work that f***s everything up all the time. (every job has one of those! ) Tell her some of the things you want out of your job and life. but keep the answers fairly simple.just enough to let her go back to what she does best.talkin! I hope this helps and good luck! - j

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