Is he jealous of me?

This guy i rarely see and talk too... yea we had sex but he keeps asking me to do stuff for him like open a bank account so he can put 'tax free' money in it... or if i would like to drive weed over the border... and ofcourse i say NO but why does he want to drag me to his level.. im in uni... he is not... i have a degree... he doesn't... i live on my own... he doesn't... im 25 he is 22... he sees that im a smart girl..


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  • He wants to break you socially and use you as a mule

    • explain? socially?

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    • Because he thinks that he can make you do that.
      Probably due to lack or respect or lack of any emotion towards you other than of dominance.

    • I'm sorry

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  • Do not listen to him. You jad sex so what that does not mean he can drag you. Stay away from him!

    • yea i just wanted him for sex

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  • Be aware he wanna make u a partner for business crime stay out of him

  • I don't think so


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