So there is this Girl I like she is in my Year, I have liked her since I was a Freshman and now I am in My Junior Year?

I didn't know she had a boyfriend and kinda retracted after that. But then She started messaging me and vice versa, and we sorta hit it off. Meanwhile he cheated on her and she started smoking with me and once she confronted me whether I like her. I couldn't lie to her face and told her that I did. She didn't have any problem at that time but her Boyfriend at that time got Jealous, so I started maintaining distance and only talked about college and work with her as I knew she already had problems in her relationship and did not want to add anymore to her woes. So after things didn't work out she broke up with him and Started texting me the whole day and Talkingto me over the phone. She asked me whether I had moved on so I told her moving on wasn't so easy for me. She got back with her ex boyfriend and told me there is nothing between us and that she wanted things strictly professional between the two of us as her Relationship was very fragile. I agreed, but after this she Broke up with this guy finally and got into a relationship with another Guy immediately after her breakup. I was heart broken after this and so after that I stopped hanging out with her, but now She meets me and complains that she doesn't want to be trapped with the new Guy but she doesn't know how to break up as "She is scared of him". He teases her that he will leave her and restricts her from doing things she likes (sociopathic tendency). Now, I don't comment on her new boyfriend as I get sad discussing him. and thus refrain from making any comments. She doesn't actually meet her boyfriend more than once a week, even though their dorm is barely 200 m apart. But Lately, she's been asking me daily to meet her for Dinner, Movies. Now I generally refuse her, because She wants to discuss her boyfriend and I am not comfortable discussing him as it makes me kinda depressed. But she wants me back and I loveher


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  • Sounds like A you are in the friend zone and B quite frankly she's using you and taking advantage of your feelings I know it's difficult for you but move on


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