Fight with my guy best friend , help?

Guys! my best friend and I are really close. I think he likes me but I am not sure. he used to have a girlfriend and they broke up. And I knew that they did FROM HIS FUCKING TWITTER FEED. So i got mad but not to much and i told him that why didn’t he tell me and he said he thought I knew from his actions? And we got past the and I made it clear that that he needs to tell me if he had any problems , on Thursday he texted me and said that he needed to tell me something. And he told me that he dated 3 girls in the same time and he was feeling bad and lots of shit but he didn’t want to be a fuckboy so he broke up with all them. And I was “why didn’t you tell me earlier I could’ve helped you?” And i was so mad, and then he said “I want you to have a good friend and I don’t deserve you If I am acting this way so i fixed my self then I told you.”
I was sooo angry and we had a fight, and we didn’t speak sense. The thing is that he was kind of flirty sometimes and he was just so nice. I tell him everything But I don’t know. What is going on in his mind?


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  • Why are you getting mad at him. He owes you nothing, you are his FRIEND. He doesn't need you to force your help unto him. If you want to help him you're being incredibly counter productive. he can tell you whatever he wants and withhold whatever he wants as long as it doesn't affect you. This is his dating life not yours. Try this for me: Can you put it into words why you are mad at him?

    • It sounds as if you like him and since he doesn't tell you about his dating life you get upset because you process jealousy through your friendship since you can't be open about your feelings with him. Does that sound a bit true?

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    • Yesterday we had dance practice ( We are both in a dance studio ) he usually give a ride to the studio and when we are done he drops me at my place. Today I went with my dad and I met him there. He told me that he was waiting form me out side then my mom told him that I was there already, I just nodded and didn’t speak much. I decided then that i wanted to walk home. And he was following me! I asked him what dose he need. And he said that he needed to make sure I am home safe? He just texted me and said “we need to talk
      I didn’t replay yet. I’m going to see what’s up with him. Hope this problem is solved!

    • Good luck. Hope he can fess up and say whether he wants to be in a relationship with you or not and stick to it. Personally I think this guy has some (A LOT) growing up to do before he can be in a stable relationship, but you decide what to make of it

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