Fight with my guy best friend , help?


Guys! my best friend and I are really close. I think he likes me but I am not sure. he used to have a girlfriend and they broke up. And I knew that they did FROM HIS FUCKING TWITTER FEED. So i got mad but not to much and i told him that why didn’t he tell me and he said he thought I knew from his actions? And we got past the and I made it clear that that he needs to tell me if he had any problems , on Thursday he texted me and said that he needed to tell me something. And he told me that he dated 3 girls in the same time and he was feeling bad and lots of shit but he didn’t want to be a fuckboy so he broke up with all them. And I was “why didn’t you tell me earlier I could’ve helped you?” And i was so mad, and then he said “I want you to have a good friend and I don’t deserve you If I am acting this way so i fixed my self then I told you.”
I was sooo angry and we had a fight, and we didn’t speak sense. The thing is that he was kind of flirty sometimes and he was just so nice. I tell him everything But I don’t know. What is going on in his mind?

Fight with my guy best friend , help?
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