I dont feel I deserve a good decent girl and I don't know why?

All girls tell me i have a nice, genuine and funny personallity, and all of them often comment on my looks calling me good looking, handsome, beautiful or even sometimes gorgeous, and i get plenty of attention from girls especially the very attractive ones, i literally catch some of the most stunning girls giving me the kind of attention and interest that even their bfs dont get from them... and i have tried to talk to some of these girls, and they were responsive and talked to me and we're okay with my approaches but for some reason i just suddenly feel iam not good enough, iam lacking and i will never be good enough for such a girl...

thing is iam not hitting on models i like cute girls, they aren't gorgeous but i find them attractive and they find me attractive and show interest ( Which is why i approach them) , but as i said after talking to them once or twice a switch flips and i just tell myself that they aren't interested and why would they be interested in someone like me? iam not sure how to fix it...


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  • Why do you have low self-confidence?

  • You have low self-confidence.


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