She says she isn't up for a relationship right now. But she seemed to be up for it before. What should I do?


First, sorry for any grammar. English is my second language.

Im a shy guy with 30 years. Never had a relationship before.

I've met a girl through a dating app. We've go out for dating several times, been best friends for 2 years and half. Me beign shy and introvert, we only kissed 3 times, but she never considered a relationship becouse someone else she knew from a long time also wanted to date with her. That time, i was dumped for a year. I said we can still be friends, but deep in my heart, i wasn't feeling so well becouse she never said the truth until it happened (shes a insecure person). So i tried the so called "no-contact".

This year she ended her relationship, got into some legal problems about losing her house and went desperate. I helped her find answers and in the end it wasn't a big deal.

That time we started to date again. She was contacting me more often, even through she was very busy with her job. When i tought it was the time to say i wanted a relationship with her, she started to postpone several meetings even before i could reveal that for 2 months. Not to mention she kept some short talk. I started to get mad and sometimes cried thinking if she didn't like me anymore. I tried no-contact again and she keept saying hello in a short-talk manner.

So until now, i decided to reveal about my wish for a relationship through message. She didn't talk much about it but she said she was wasn't up for a relationship right now and she was afraid to loose me as a friend if things doesn't work out.

I know things could change in a meeting but its too hard to go out with her. she's kinda lazy for that and prefers to stay home, watch Netflix and sleep becouse she's "tired" all the time.

I can't describe with words how i feel. I never had experiences with relationship and this girl is really alike. We enjoy lots of things together, we had very good times. Heck we even travelled for a day!

What should i do? she's still short-talking with me.
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Any more advices is really appreciated. I tried to asking her for another meeting again and all i've got is "we will see" and gave me a cold shoulder afterwards. she's been giving me a cold shoulder more often lately reading messages without answer or ignoring parts of the message.

Sometimes i feel like considering a cold shoulder back doing the "no-contact" rule again. I don't know if that would be healthy in this situation.
She says she isn't up for a relationship right now. But she seemed to be up for it before. What should I do?
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