Is he interested or not?

So I have been texting this guy for about 6 weeks. We have hung out 3 times, once every week after our first time meeting, first two we went on dates (out in public), third date was at his house. He even bought me my favorite drink as a surprise, i mentioned it being my fave on one of our dates. He has told me he isn’t dating other people and enjoys seeing me. But he never texts me first. Ever. We only communicate when I text him. He said that he doesn’t use his phone a lot. On our third date, at his house, he never tried to kiss me. He did put his arm sort of around me, his arm was on the back of the couch behind me (so not touching me). I texted him after I left to let him know I enjoyed being over and hopefully we can do this again. He didn’t respond that night, which I assume was because he went to bed because of work the next morning, but he didn’t even text me the next day. I don’t understand these hot and cold signals. When we hang out he isn’t on his phone, we talk the whole time, I feel comfortable talking to him and our convos go great. So from other guys perspective what do you think is going on?
Is he interested or not?
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