My girlfriend and her obsession with piercings?

I feel unsure about my girlfriend getting piercings and i don't want it to lead to more ridiculous piercings like forehead, nose or cheeks, she has lip piercing and now just surprised me with tongue piercing, and i'm getting a little annoyed, i'm ok with tongue piercing and lip piercing, but no more than that, i just find it very unattractive when there's more than two, how should discuss this with her and maybe get a solution to this issue


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  • Honestly this could just be a phase. I went through my piercing phase and eventually I ended up taking most of them out either I didn't want them anymore or my body rejected them. Now I'm in my tattoo phase lol.

    There is a chance that she might just get bored of it eventually. If she doesn't then you should have a talk with her. Tell her how you truly feel about it and see if you two can settle on some sort of compromise.


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  • She can do what she wants and if you are no longer attracted to her because of it then break up with her


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