Girls, would you reject a guy if he wears a hair piece to cover up his balding?

And if he had shaved it all off and been upfront about being bald when you first met, would you still have rejected him?

That is what should a guy do to optimize his chances, hide his baldness with a hairpiece or be honest about it?
Hair or honesty, which would get him a date?


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  • I would rather someone be upfront an honest with me in all aspects of life. I personally look at peoples personality over their appearance and I would like to think that a potential partner would value your company than the hair or lack of hair on your head. In conclusion, honesty is always the best policy

  • Depends on his age I would probably feel a bit weird if he was below 35

    • Well I am 21 and balding. I need to know what my best option is, so that I don't get rejected.
      Shave my head bald and be honest, or wear a hair piece?

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    • Would you reject a guy for wearing a hair piece though?

    • I know in my original comment I said I'd feel weird about it but now I really don't think I would mind especially if it wasn't really visible

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