Men from Wales, are they shy?

I like a man from Welse, but he seems to be shy. He looks at me but is never able to talk to me. What can I do? Should I approach first? How is it in Wales?


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  • There is no universal characteristic among men from Wales, they are individuals. This one guy might be shy, that's all. There are many guys from Wales who are FAR from shy in any respect.


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  • No they're not shy 😂 Many are far from it 😅 I go Wales pretty often and my boyfriend is Welsh, not shy what so ever.

    Maybe approach him first and see how it goes?


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  • Has it never occurred to that with about a million Welsh men, not all of them have the same personality or behaviour? I've got Welsh friends and acquaintances who are very sure of themselves, one who's quiet but driven and one who's very reserved for example.

  • They are not only shy, they are absolute arseholes! The lot of them.

    If you want friendly people go to Engerland.


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