My tinder date stopped responding and im sad?

So i never met anyone on tinder until now
We went on two dates, on the second, yes we had sex. I initiated it, i was in a long distance relationship for almost 2 years and i came this time i feel much better and he DID text me a few days in a row later but now he's mia a lot but he did tell me as soon as we had sex hell be really busy so i think he's being honest but tbh i want him to be my boyfriend and he said he wants a girlfriend so like, how do i initiate that window as a girl who just met this guy, like we dont have to be together rn but that's the direction i was going for and he did text me he is busy but im not a booty call. by the way he's a student so he has finals, he works too and covered shifts recently and helps his mom with her cleaning job.
My tinder date stopped responding and im sad?
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