My tinder date stopped responding and im sad?

So i never met anyone on tinder until now
We went on two dates, on the second, yes we had sex. I initiated it, i was in a long distance relationship for almost 2 years and i came this time i feel much better and he DID text me a few days in a row later but now he's mia a lot but he did tell me as soon as we had sex hell be really busy so i think he's being honest but tbh i want him to be my boyfriend and he said he wants a girlfriend so like, how do i initiate that window as a girl who just met this guy, like we dont have to be together rn but that's the direction i was going for and he did text me he is busy but im not a booty call. by the way he's a student so he has finals, he works too and covered shifts recently and helps his mom with her cleaning job.


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  • Well, you had sex with him early. I think he probably got what he wanted and decided that he’ll stop responding and leave. If he truly liked you, he would’ve at least messaged or texted you... Even if he is busy, he wouldn’t want to just get rid of you. He would keep in touch

    • Thats whats confusing me he did text me for a few days after and early and wed talk and i felt like i was losing his interest maybe he realized he's okay with leaving it here bc he lives nearby and he's hot but as far as connection I don't know if we have it and i guess i kinda sacrificed that when i chose to have sex so soon but its been like 6 months i haven't had it and i just needed it he also made me cum and he enjoyed that haha so yeah

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  • So you've been out twice, slept together and now he's busy?

    • Am i being dumb? Lol I've never personally been in this scenario

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    • I would just wait and see if he reaches out to you again

    • Thanks for the MHO :)

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  • He sounds like an honest guy

  • Think about it. Sex is the most intimate act two human beings can do. What do you think is likely to happen when you do this intimate act, the most intimate act possible... after the second date...

    Would you purposely try to get pregnant by a guy after only 2 dates...

    Everyone is so busy downplaying what sex is, that they have forgotten what it means.

    You want him to be your boyfriend and you know nothing about him. What makes you qualify as a prospective gf?

    • I know im gonna sound like a troll but i got out of my first long term relationship a few months ago. We were also long distance, so i haven't had sex in 6 months and i was losing my mind tbh. He doesn't have to be my boyfriend right now, but id like to see him again and now I don't know if i will

  • Most people on Tinder use it for sex. This sounds like a fairly typical Tinder story.


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