We have never met face to face. we met online.

We have never met face to face. we met online. and I told him from the start that I DO NOT want to play games. I am looking for a real relationship. we are a lot alike, and he is EVERYTHING I look for in a guy. We share the same religious beliefs, which I don't find very often in the south, and he is SO sweet. He will text me, and he calls me baby, and he says he is SO excited to finally get to meet me. Then the day we are supposed to meet, he just stops texting me, and doesn't call me. the next day he text and says he fell asleep (which is possible because he wakes up and 4 to go to work) then when I say "well I want to see you today" he sends me a pic, then doesn't text me again. Iv deleted his number so I won't be tempted to text him again, if he wants to text/call/see me, he can decide to. Does it sound to you like he is just messing w me?


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  • don't worry about him. he seems to lack confidence and seems like he is trying to control the parameters of your meeting.

  • to me he sounds extremely nervous to meet you.

    Maybe he is embarrassed you won't like him?

    you never know,

    i wouldn't just stop talking to him.

    i mean usually in my opinion when a guy plays you its more than talking about deep conversations?

    i would text or call him and ask him if he is uncomfortable meeting yet or if he changed his mind about you or whatever you need to ask..

    but as I said I believe he is just extremely nervous.

    i mean I would be lol