How to avoid seeming too clingy during winter break?

I met this guy I like quite a bit about a month before the end of the semester (we're both in college). We went on one real date about two weeks before the end of the semester, and got dinner together in the dining hall and watched a movie in his room a few times before we both had to leave. We cuddled when we watched movies but we haven't kissed yet. It seemed to early to "define the relationship" so we didn't talk about it at all before we left. Now that we're home (on opposite sides of the country), we've been snapchatting pretty regularly to keep up our streak but not much texting, although it's only been a few days. I don't want to seem clingy but we won't see each other for a month and I'd like to continue whatever this is when we get back to school. I really miss talking to him but I don't call people very often so I don't know if it would be awkward to do so at this point. Any tips for texting/calling just to say hi? How much is too much?
How to avoid seeming too clingy during winter break?
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