This guy that I know saw his friend talking to me and he joined our conversation and told him after 10min they have to leave, why?

The friend was in the process of asking for my number. Anyway the guy usually stares at me from afar and holds my eye contact. This time he looked like he was in a hurry to get away. He even said im cute when he joined our conversation even though he knew his friend was interested... So did the guy get jealous lol?
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  • Yes i think

    • The guy kind of knew me... we had never talked before though (the guy who joined the conversation) just wanted to add that detail lol

    • Did it make any difference in your opinion :D

    • He likes you and is jealous of his friend being close to you (my persional opinion) and i think its completely natural if i like a guy and he is close to some other girl then i will also be jealous of her lol

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