Can you forgive someone who finds someone else so soon after?

He said he needed time to handle things going on with himself and four days later i saw on social media he was flirting with another girl. I was extremely hurt. Since then he's ended things with her and it wasn't really anything anyway. But he still went to someone else, I knwo this isn't the worst thing ever, but can he forgiven?


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  • Yeah, he just sounds shitty. I've gone through the same thing and worse. It hurts but all you can do is move on. It takes time I know that much. I told a girl that I have a crush on that I would love to be with her multiple times and she refuses to date me yet (no offense to this guy, he's a good friend). She would rather go with him and he doesn't even like her and he's a drunk. Sometimes love just isn't reciprocated.

  • They're not obliged to wait still it hurts to see them date someone else so soon so I say yes but it will still gurt.

  • I prefer to have a lunch break up so I can have a supper date


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