Boyfriend Went to a Concert without telling?

So my boyfriend last night told me he was gonna go to the Casino cause he had a free meal ticket from his birthday.. Me being a year away from being old enough to gamble. Told him it was fine and to have fun figured he would eat and maybe gamble a bit. Now today I wake up to no good morning text. Barely any text durning the day (except that he couldn't help me out after I got off work cause he would be at the casino (my car is at the shop) & then later asked how was work going) and then tonight he snaps himself at a concert.. So he didn't bother to tell me about this nor ask if I wanted to go.. Yes I had to work this afternoon/evening but the snap was after that.
If you were in my position what would you think or do? I want to tell him I'm upset but don't want to sound controlling, Yes he should be able to have his fun but he should have asked me right? Even if I would have said no..


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  • I would have told you I am going but also you had work and maybe he wanted to be to himself? I would have asled even if you said no.

    • Okay thank you. & Maybe but yeah just letting me know before the fact would have been nice..

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  • That's a little inconsiderate of him. I would be butthurt too. But maybe his friends surprised him with concert tickets for his birthday? Before you blow up on him, hear him out first. Then take it from there.

    • Maybe but shouldn't he have told me if they had gotten him tickets? He acted like he was just gonna go and eat. I figured its a casino so he'll probably gamble a little bit to. But he didn't tell me.. & I'm just like how do I even respond? Cause your right I don't want to just assume and blow up at him. I love him. But I'm just ike how do i respond to you right now when you think everything is alright but its not.. Kind of thing you know..

    • If he was partying in celebration of his birthday he probably forgot, specially if he's drinking. He should have at least sent you a quick text, so that is pretty messed up, but let him talk and go from there. Again, if its his birthday try cutting him some slack!

    • Well his birthday was on Wednesday.. His family celebrated it then (I had to finish with college finals) and then we celebrated it last night. & He acted like he was going to the casino by himself.. So im not sure if i should bring up that it was rude of him not to invite me or tell me about the concert or should just ignore it and let t pass.. Even though it erks me.

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  • Depends on the concert. I love metal. I would not bring my girlfriend to a metal concert. Was he with friends?

    • See I have no idea. He acted like he was going to the casino by himself.. & Then the concert video is only of the stage..

    • Just ask him about it

  • What would you have said if he asked

    • Well I had to work.. So I would have said After work I can.. Or We could go after I get off.. Or No sorry I have to work but go have fun!
      But he didn't even ask nor tell me and I had to find out through snapchat..

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    • He didn't want to hide it from you he just didn't want anything stopping him

    • Yeah.. I guess that makes sense.. Just wish he would have told me..

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  • He probably knew you couldnt go. I think you need to take a deep breath on his one. He didn't take you one place this time. Id be more worried about why he didn't help you with your car and went to gamble instead...

    • Well with my car it was just I needed someone to pick me up from work and take me home with it being in the shop.. Yeah he should have been willing to do that to make sure I didn't have to walk in the cold which thankfully I got a ride from my younger brother.. I think what ticks me off about the concert isn't him going without me its just I think he should have let me know he was going? Right? Instead of just sending me a snapchat of him there..

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    • If its the first time you're probably okay. You would want to be able to go to a concert on your own. At least if you feel like you have to talk about it, dont do it in a way to make him defensive. Just be open about how it made you feel.

    • Okay thank you!

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