When asking a new neighbor if she would like to hang out and get to know one another, what method is less creepy/ more likely to work?

We are both adults, single and I like her, but want to establish trust and friendship first. We have spoken on three occasions (all of which I initiated).
  • Knock on her door and ask her after coming up with an excuse to talk
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  • Wait until I see her outside eventually.
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Well I walked over, and long story short I got her number and we are getting together after the holiday.


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  • Waiting for someone to come out eventually can result two ways: she'll run into you or you'll never see her around.
    You can bring a welcome-to-the-neighborhood gift like food. A way to someone's heart is through their stomach.
    After she accepts the gift, you can ask if she wants to hang out sometime.

    • I already did. Brought her a bottle of wine. Unknowingly, she had company over. Talk about embarrassing and awkward. It was a month ago, the last time we talked. She just moved in recently after maybe two months of remodeling.

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    • I assume she is, based on the fact that I haven’t seen a guy over since she moved in. Plus I just want to get to know her right now. Not only to maybe make a friend, but have a neighbor I’m on good terms with.

    • You can always just say that you'd like to get to know her and wanna hang out.

What Guys Said 2

  • What if you never see her come out again? You just have to do it! Don't wait for the moment, create it

    • I saw her outside earlier when I was shoveling my driveway. Consequently, when I got to the front yard, out of the corner of my eye I saw her grab her dog and rush inside. She didn’t come back out until I went inside.

  • Knock on her door and ask her after coming up with an excuse to talk

    • The only thing I can think to say is along the lines of “hey I haven’t seen you around, but wanted to apologize for coming over last month. I didn’t realize you had company over. Anyways, I wanted to wait for a more appropriate time to ask if you would like to have coffee or drinks sometime (probably specify that it’s not a date)”. I found it odd that she didn’t really say thank you at the time or since then. Going over to give her a house warming gift took a lot of guts, and it was out of my comfort zone. Something I’ve never done.

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