Obvious signs she is potentially interested vs friend zoned? ANY FEEDBACK WOULD BE GREAT?

there is this girl Emily I like (UNC college), we never talked much at first and then recently we started hanging out, studying for class, texting etc I don't know if she just wants to be friends or might want to date me?

The thing is, I showed interest in her a while back so I don’t know if she would do all this stuff now to lead me on (flirting, told her straight up she was looking nice and this was when I barely knew her). Recently, She followed me 1st on insta, has texted me first making up some excuses to hangout (we are in a class together) and she clearly didn’t need help, said she only had an hour or so and then we ended up taking after about other stuff for almost 2 hours (this is all just her and I), stares into my eyes when we talk (lots of eye contact), smiles a lot, I can see her look at me lots of times in class, she called me a “turd” or something the other day in a really flirty way, laughs a lot when we talk. The problem is she has a boyfriend (4 years) not sure if they broke up yet or if she plans to soon... she has before and he doesn’t go to the same college so i feel like it is possible. She never mentioned her boyfriend before and has never referred to me as a friend. I don't know I just can’t tell I’m fucking changing my opinion everyday. THOUGHTS?


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  • She might like you in that way. Honestly I'd ask her if she has a boyfriend because as you said she hasn't mentioned it.

  • Friends.


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