How often should I text a girl I don't know very well?

Like we have seen each other a few times and she knows who I am and stuff and I called her twice. I asked her if she wanted to do something and she said yes after only 2 minutes of talking, however it didn't work out for us to do what we had planned. The problem is we haven't talked face to face yet. So if I barely know her, how often should I text her and how long before I ask her if she wants to hang out or something? (I am usually the one to initiate contact)


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  • Well... Don't do it everyday because it gets irritating (I know from experience) id do it every few days like maybe 3 times over the period of 7 days... but make sure you at least text her 10 minutes before asking to do something. And with the intimate contact thing if she's into doing that kind of stuff with out really knowing you, go ahead. But if you don't know or aren't sure, Take it slow and make her start to like you then you should try to make a move.

    ---Hope it helps.


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