Should I try to contact him again?

I really have been thinking about this guy I met on POF it was a while ago, but it looks he's still single. I felt we got along really good, we liked a lot of the same things. We both worked in the medical field, then he started to tell me that I deserve someone more patient and shit. But I really miss him, and we talked on the phone a fuck ton, I dated around but the guys don't like me... He has a facebook, would it look weird if I added him?


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  • Yes, if you have his number, it's better just to send a small check up message to start things back up if you are going to try

    • I don't have his number.

    • Pretty sure he blocked my number, cause he didn't respond.

    • Then there is not much else you can do except learn from this and move on

  • Well if he's ignoring you, just leave him!! It's not good to go after him!!!


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