How much does physical appearance matter vs. Personality like sense of humor?

I am a little over weight and it can hurt my confidence sometimes. However, if I can just get a girl to give me a chance I can usually be funny and charming enough to get the number and or a date. How much should I let my weight hold me back from making an initial approach on attractive women? I am working on my weight but surely not everyone sees this as the sole defining characteristic in life... I am only 24 so it's not like I'm gonna die alone tomorrow but where are the non shallow young WOMEN at?


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  • The wounded confidence is probably a bigger hurdle than the few extra pounds are themselves.

    • I realize that and that's what makes it difficult. But it's just one of those really tough catch 21s. Can't gain confidence because of the immediate rejection of appearance. Leads to not just not making the move because of lack of confidence equalling more rejection.

  • Personality is everything for me.

    • I just have a fear that I am being seen as only my physical stature and that I am going to have to start settling for someone I do not find physically atteactive because I do not have the self esteem to approach a women that I find attractive.

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    • Precisely!

    • Got it!

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