Is her family going to want to meet mine?

I have been dating my first girlfriend for a month or so now. We are both sophomores in high school. Today she told me I had to meet her parents the next time they drop her off so we can hang out. After that she said we had to do dinner and if they liked me we could go out. But I'm scared she's gonna expect to meet my parents or they will want to get together because I live in a really ugly house. My mom left me with my dad after the divorce and ran off with her boyfriend and his kids. My dad practically lives with his girlfriend so the house is bare. Only me and my dog stay there and my dad stays a couple nights of the week.There's no table or art work just a little bit of furniture. I don't want her to know that's what my house is like. Or that my mom left me and my dad doesn't really stay or care. What should I do? Will they want to meet? My dad doesn't have a real job also.


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  • Don't sweat it, if your girlfriend really likes you she will not care where you stay or what your house looks like or what your situation is.If anything she should want to be there for you and communicate with you about anything. but the best thing to do is to tell her in advance, your situation. she should def understand, if not. you'll find someone who will.

  • um that situation really sucks. I think you should explain the stiuation to your girlfriend. I'm pretty sure she will understand. if she's a good girl she would probly end up liking you more. but tell her how you feel . communication is key in a relationship. communicate. also show her parents how great you are. let them see you for you. children shouldn't be punished for the sins of the parents... if they don't understand you then there not worth it.


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