What is the best way to go about being charming/attractive to the other sex?

Been single for pretty much my whole life so I'm pretty sure I must be doing something wrong. So I'm just looking to get some advice from strangers because I seem to not understand people or specifically women. I'm also new to the app and I'm curious to see how people respond on here.


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  • Pay attention to her quirks, accept her flaws, focus on what she's telling instead of how she moves her lips, pay the bill first, ride her home, ask her interest and hobbies, don't overshare just share a tiny tidbits of your whole day... those things.

    • In all honesty doesn't it take a bit more than just those things? I mean there will be other factors to which someone likes. I don't think anyone would normally go for just a regular date these days for some reason. Wouldn't there be more inside a person through which you might find attractive?

    • Personally I am attracted by the keen mind, a quick wit, sense of humor, patient, a bit dominant, a leader, knows what he wants and also kind... those traits

  • Looking presentsble, being yourself, paying compliments

    • What kind of compliments have some other guys paid you?

    • Not sleezy ones, you look beautiful, red is your colour, your style is sweet.. Compliments that just aren't about body

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