Am I just a hook up?

I knew a guy (9yrs older than me, I am 17...) for a few months and we hung out few times. We went to bookshop and movie before. Whenever he got day off he would find me. Yesterday We went to watch a movie and we went to his house for dinner. After dinner he frenchkissed me and he wanted to have sex but I refused due to religious reasons. He always touch my butt and waist and he even kissed my neck. But We are not officially in an relationship as he hadn't confess... what does his think of me?
  • He wants me to be girlfriend ( serious relationship)
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  • He just likes my body, just wanna hook up
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  • I m just a child to him
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  • He is into me but he is still unsure what he wants
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  • Do you really think you can have relationship with him based on emotional attraction. Due yo a huge age gap, I don't think you or anyone of your age can understand a man that old because his emotional needs are different. His sexual needs is what he is after and he is just trying to get inside your pants. I am sure after sex, he will leave or just keep you as his sex toy. You are 17 so you are old enough to decide if you want a sex relationship or not because it would be solely on based on sex and no emotions.

    • He's 26, not 45. Not that much difference; one of the girls in my dorm back in the day was 18 dating a 32 year old.

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    • It doesn't matter now. She is clearly saying she doesn't want to have sex but the guy is being sexual

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • He just wants to hook up.


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  • It's not about age gap religion or anything it's about him his charecter is not trustable n u r only his hook up don't expect anything more than sex hook up from him

  • Sorry it looks like the votes are unanimous so far... just becareful. For 17 a 9 year gap is a lot.


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