He said he wanted to see me again.., then no text back?

hey everyone!!

so i went out with a guy a few days ago, we clicked, had a great convo, even went back to his place and made out (no sex cuz of my period and he was ok with it). anyways, he said at least 2x i think that he wanted to see me again this weekend. he asked if i wanted to see him again too, and i said maybe in like a flirting way which i think he could tell meant yes. now its the weekend, i texted him on Friday asking him if he still wanted to, but he didn't answer.
i don't get it? tryna remember if i said anything that mightve turned him off, but i can't think of anything. he really seemed to like me and even wanted me to sleep at his overnight even if no sex. we had a lot of similarities when we talked and really clicked.
guys, help me understand?


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  • Awe. Just don't give in too easily guys love a challenge... u are to easy... don't take it badly.

    • heyy, thnx for your answer!
      so what do you think i should do now?

    • Good one.. Because women know best... Brilliant. This will work soooo fine.

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  • Oh my God is his name Matt by any chance?

    He's a jerky jerk and we hate him.

    • nope, his name isn't matt! sorry if this happened to you too tho!!

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