Why doesn’t my boyfriend want to meet my family/let me meet his?

We have been together 1.5 years. His family knows of me, and they always ask when they can meet me. My mom would also really like to meet my boyfriend. She always asks me “when do i get to meet him? Why doesn’t he want to come around and meet me?”

My boyfriend told me, in his culture (he’s Latino) that meeting parents means something more than dating and being bf/gf... but his sister, she brought around her boyfriend and they are just dating/bf/gf too.

It’s getting really frustrating for me. And i have brought it up to him. He’s also told me he’s had bad experiences meeting parents. But, that’s because one of them thought he was their daughter’s dealer (which he wasn’t he doesn’t do drugs!!) anyways, I’m not sure what else to do. I also don’t want it to be forced. But, i feel 1.5 years is a long time :/


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  • You should understand it from his perspective. Meeting the parents of your partner can be a normal thing for you. In some cultures it's a HUGE deal.
    Im no latino expert. So you should double check this with this latino's.
    Maybe it can be a token of marriage.
    And its such a huge deal that 1.5 years is too soon.

    • I have asked him a few times. And he’s said “i do want you to meet them. And you will. I just want it to be really special. And i just want to be 100% sure”. I’m not sure what he wants to be 100% sure about... whether the fact he is here in a student visa (his family has citizenship... it’s a complicated story) or, 100% about me.

    • It's both. Would you expect a marriage proposal after 1.5 years? You want to be 100÷ sure right?

  • He wants getting married with you. So he wants families to know you two.

    • But he won’t let me meet them :/. He said didn’t say “i don’t want you to”. But, he won’t let me

    • Sorry. I replied reading the question wrong. Looks it isn't the culture shit that he is giving. Its not in the culture. He doesn't want cz may be he doesnot look forward to the relationship to have a long run. He is avoiding any links that might end him up in trouble.

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  • I'm white, so I can't give you cultural insight, but I would suggest asking other Latinx you know if that's a thing.

    Also, point out that he's not the only one in this relationship - and in you want there to be some more parental meeting in this relationship.


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