Does love even exist?

There's this girl in my school... She's one year younger than me. One day she just texted me and was very nice. We started to text on a regular basis and almost all day long. I've never talked much to her before so it was surprising to me that she just randomly started texting. Now over a month later she wants to become my girlfriend but my problem is that I don't feel any towards her. If she hadn't messaged me I'd never thought about being together. On top of that, I'm not even sure what sexuality I am... I'm a lazy person who'd never go out and do things. I told her that but she keeps on telling me I'm different and that we should be together. Again - I don't really love her... She's nice, friendly (no looker though... Doesn't matter but still) and I'm just like "nah"

So... Does love really exist? Is there a person who will make me get out of my room? Will I want to spend every second with them? Or is there no auch thing and I'm doomed? This is really bothering me.


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  • It exists.


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  • Love exists, doesn’t matter with who


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