Why does she acts differently around me and our common friends?

Hello! This is my first time posting here, and I really could use some help. I’m a lesbian, and there’s this really cute girl in my school that I like, but I have no Idea about her.

For the the past weeks she’s been showing really confusing signals; mostly starring, being right next to me when we’re in a group, etc.) there’s much more to it than that; I’ve posted in another forum so you can read if you want :)

Yesterday, I had a bday party, and I invited her. She texted “I would love to come”. I really thought yesterday would have given me some more information, but instead, it just gave me more questions and confusion... She was the first one to arrive at the party, and right as I went out from the place I was holding the party, she saw me, and started running towards me, and then she almost jumped on me to give me a long-lasting hug. We were alone for like 20 min, I think, and those 20 min were, in my opinion, the best minutes of the whole party. We talked a lot, and she just seemed like a whole different person. She also knew things I never told her about, but she just told me that one of her friends told her. But why would they be talking about me :P

Then our other friends came, and she kinda backed off. She was sitting next to me, and I asked her if she would like to move closer to the group and then she just said “I’m fine” with a blank expression on her face. There was also one moment when she asked for the toilet, and she wanted to grab my arm, but didn’t really succeed because one of our friends accidentally pushed her.
Throughout the whole party she didn’t say half as many words as she said when it was just us. I don’t know whether she was expecting sth more, or wanted us to be alone...

What do you guys think? I’m so confused I can’t even.. I was thinking about telling her friend, because we’re good friends and she basically told me that she always there if I wanted to talk. Yet again, I don't know 😐


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  • I think you want things to happen. Dont force it just get to know her better. Go to the mall with her. Invite her for sleep overs.

  • Clearly wishy washy

  • First time posting huh? Cool. Well, she sounds like one of those stubborn procrastinators. You may just end up having to whoop her ass and taking it.


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