What does a guy mean "we'll talk" after a first date instead asking for a second date?

We had an amazing first date! He picked me up, he spoiled me with an amazing dinner and desserts after. We had great conversations and laughs. He had back up plans for our first date, but went with the first one. We spent about almost 5 hours together. On the way taking me back home, he mentioned we should try this place together or go tour our local city twice. He ended it saying he had a lot of fun, said "we'll talk" and hugged me. He sent me a text right after that he had a lot of fun and the kind of fun he haven't had in a while. He hoped I did too. He texted me good morning the next day.. I told him later the day that I confess I couldn't stop thinking about the night before bc I had sucha good time, I didn't want it to end. He'd told me how he wished it was a Friday so we wouldn't had time limit due to work and he also had a load of fun.. and it made him smile reading my text. BUT he slowly fade his texts after that... he didn't text me good morning the next day... I ended up greeting first and he didn't even greet me.. but replied with a "Hey! -- (insert the rest of his text on what he was doing and asked what I was up to)" ._. and now he didn't text me at night... well he double msged me on something he was trying to fix and just got it done.. and I kept my texts neutral because I feel like he's no longer working for me nor did he ask me officially on a second date.

What am I doing wrong? :/ Is he losing interest because he thinks he got me already? He's talking to others? sighs.
What does a guy mean "we'll talk" after a first date instead asking for a second date?
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