Advice on a good first message?

So I've been using dating apps for about half a year now with fairly bland results. Yes, I know that the pictures are important and that selfies are generally frowned upon (but what's a guy to do with no one else to take photos of him? - catch 22).
Anyhow. I'd like some advice on what to write as a first message to a match that has no profile description. I understand that you girls don't like being told that you're pretty straight off the bat, and that you want to laugh... so what sort of messages have you received that have made you want to reply?

What I've done is try to find something in the pictures to comment on... but honestly, that results in about an 80-90% failure rate.

General advice as well as specific examples welcomed.


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  • If she doesn't have a full profile, either she wants you to talk about her picture or she's lazy or stoopid. Personally, I've never contacted a woman who didn't have a full profile, because I'm not interested in vain, lazy or stoopid women.


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