Do you think he likes me?

I like my manager and I think he likes me. We have always had tension between us, and I’ve noticed he gets jealous if my colleague mentions me having a boyfriend as a joke by looking at me with a raised eyebrow and saying “boyfriend?”. We got drunk a couple days ago and he kept picking me up carrying me. Everytime we would come to a stop to rest we would hug and we were about to kiss as he pressed his cheek against mine but it didn’t happen. He dropped me off home all the way!
He did end the night short. So the next day at work he said “ if you would have stayed in the bar and not left then we would have stayed out longer, try that tactic next time” but he did say a few times “ you would have been fine to go home yourself” as if he was embarrassed.

Also when we were having our dinner with our colleagues he was opposite me and someone was talking to him and he looked at me and was staring in my eyes with no smile for like 6 seconds straight


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  • He probably likes you.. 100%

    • Agreed, pretty obvious

    • But then why would he make that comment of “next time you can go home yourself I thought you wouldn’t be safe but now thinking about it you would have been okay to”

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