What am I supposed to do now?

So there is this girl that I have crush on for 2 years now. In the beginning I made few mistakes and she rejected me. Later on it turned out that she probably rejected me bcs she thought I was 3 years younger and I was also pretty small. Within few months I grew on height of 6.2 Feet and I spotted change in her behavior, something like she changed her mind (or she was curious why I started ignoring her (btw. we are both VERY shy)). I never really talked to her (except fb) but when I said hello she would say hello too with that smile. Meanwhile some stupid coincidences happened, both exchanged 3 same schools and in every school we were classroom to classroom, like 5 feet away. There were incidents from both sides. I also spotted her friends looking at me every break at school but after few mins. they would give up on looking. She and her friend stayed in the school break outside as long as I did. But in last few weeks she would like hold an eye contact and than look down. I can feel that emotional changes, like she would look at me with that cold and empty look. Ok, now comes that question "Why the hell don't you simple let go?", well I always trust my instinct and my instinct never lets me down. But at this point, giving up is considered as only logical move. But I always have to see her at school and make eye contact when she looks at me. It only affects my "love life" (I put love life inside " " bcs I'm still teenager), school and passions like maths remained untouched. Is there any way to make chess-mate to my feelings, and if yes how? Idea of walking to her is bad because of that famous feeling "nah, she doesn't like you bro, keep on with life". This make almost no sense but I hope someone knows this feeling and is able to help. Thanks :D


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  • Well you could always try to write a letter and make sure she is the only one to see it like maybe put it in her locker or drop it right beside her and make sure you see she picks it up but tell her how you feel in it

  • She has probably pressure from the outside like from her friends or something


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