As a guy who's shy, insecure and antisocial I feel like giving up on dating because I know I would fail at asking a girl out?

I feel like such a failure as man who's unable to attract a girl I just feel like giving up


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  • If you have that attitude you already lost. If you give up you end up alone. If you that insecure asking girls out just take it slow and get to know them first and see where it goes from there then You can try flirting a bit once your comfortable.

    • I'm really bad at socializing in general I don't know how to have a conversation with people, I can only make small talk if it's for an objective like asking for directions for example.

    • I had similar problems much of my life you just keep working on it and you get better. Just keeping trying your best to hang in there and chat with people. Also listen or read how to listen and influence people it’s a good source on how manage everyday interactions.

  • Take my advice. Treat them like objects. Getting rejected by objects is easier. Target each girl there is. Don't make excuses for yourself that you dont want a particular girl. Just target everyone, and ask them out... go on dates with them. But they are still objects, so you dont care what happends.
    Stepping into dating in this way will help you transition to being comfortable around women.
    Eventually you will be comfortable enough to tread them like women.


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