Should I take the risk?

I am so afraid to fall for this guy I've known for going on seven years. I've loved him before and never let on, encouraged him to go for other women, dates, etc. always pushing him into relationships, telling him how to fix his relationships when they're not going so hot but all along in love with him.

Now he's single and around, we went out for a drink last week and he lingered in hugs, touch and says he can't help but always be drawn to me and wants me to be able to open up to him.

I don't know if this is all friend stuff or if he wants more.

Don't know what to do...
Anyone else help?


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  • Aw man!! Let me just say I’m sorry you find yourself in this position and I sympathize because I was in a similar situation. Twice now.

    There’s nothing worst than trying to judge if someone’s actions mean a lot more than they appear to be, or if they’re exactly as they appear.

    Girl I liked at the time, I asked and see stopped talking to me, only to return and say life is better without me. Close friends for 3yrs. So believe me it sucked.

    But what I suggest, is you let your actions speak louder than words. I know people say open up, or have a heart to heart talk, but I just found that it’s best to go in for that kiss when oppertunity presents itself and talk about THAT afterwards.

    You open up, put your heart out there, saying how you pined for him for seven long years, only to be left most times with an answer like “I didn’t know ou felt that way” and nothing to indicate if you’ll ever progress to anything more. Just confusion and awkawardness because If you catch feelings, people think you have to drop the friendship lol.

    But either way the choice will be hard, so I wish you super good luck and geuniely hope it works out for you :)

    • Thank you so much! That's the most real response I've gotten in a long time. So, you say go in for the kiss next time?

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    • Haha yeah exactly!!! You got it:)!!! Sometimes the journey is weird and wild and foggy (meaning very hard and tough to see clearly) but the end result can be great :).

    • We shall see. :-)

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  • Go for it girl. The time is now. You know a lot about him. Never pass up the opportunity, you will regret it if you do.

    • Thanks I just get so doubtful he feels the same and therefore don't open up.

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    • We spoke and he said after not talking to me for a year and a half he decided to reach out for two reasons: he wanted that sexual spark he gets from talking to me and he couldn't go without talking to me and making sure I'm okay and happy because he cares about my general well being. *I knew it was sexually motivated to some extent so no shock there, but I was hoping for more. The fact he couldn't go without talking to me anymore after we hadn't spoken in a year and a half makes me question whether it was really just what he said or more. We did end up really close, he couldn't resist and kissed me, tried for more but I stopped it.

    • Well sorry to hear it was only sexually motivated. You did the right thing by stopping him. Hopefully now you can move on and allow another man into your heart.

  • Tempt him seduced him,.. If he wants more than just a friendship,.. Then he may make a move

  • Open up


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