Do we have a chance or should I get over this now?

I met a guy at a festival a couple months ago and we started talking. Just over a month ago, he got a girlfriend where he was, just for a week, and during that week, he decided that we should just be friends. They broke up because she lied to him, and he came back to me. We have been flirting for weeks, and he was planning on visiting in February, and he says that he still is.

But, he recently decided to get off of all social media, which is the way that we communicated up until this point. He says that he will email me and send me letters, but I am just not sure if this will actually happen. I want to talk to him, but I don't really know how to bring it up, if I ever get to talk to him again. I am just some confused because he told me that he was leaving social media and not even half an hour later he told me he loves me. I don't know if we have a chance, and as much as I want us to have a chance, I don't want to fool myself into a bigger heartbreak down the road.
Do we have a chance or should I get over this now?
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